Edso home finishing is part of Edso Group N.V., which was established in 1999.


Edso went in business  as a small shop, where building materials were sold.  Very soon the director, Krishan V. Thakoer, also as professional in the construction world, realized that most products should be of good  and durable quality and should correspond with the type of your investment.

He was convinced that not all high-quality products come with a high price to pay and so it began…….


Edso believes in sustainable investments. That is why Edso strives to become and remain the best supplier ON the local market, when it comes to providing products and services, in the construction market where quality is a priority.


As a professional organisation in the construction world, Edso provides products, services and solutions that are of high quality and also affordable. In that way there are more possibilities for sustainable and economical investments on the local market.

Our goal.

Edso aims to conquer a local market share of at least 70% in the field of high-quality and affordable building materials, which is certainly possible, because Edso supports the local production of building materials on the local market